Answer to Image Challenge 10

January 2, 20091comments

Image Challenge 10 was a case of malaria caused by Plasmodium vivax.
Diagnostic features are:
  • Trophozoites are amoeboid and the parasitized red blood cells are enlarged (1.25× to 1.5×). Some are very distorted.
  • In the image below , there is a trophozoite (see black arrow) that may be mistaken for a band form parasite, suggestive of P. malariae, however the red blood cell is reasonably enlarged. In infections with P. malariae parasitized red blood cells do not become enlarged.

  • Due to the type of stain used, Sch├╝ffner's dots (stippling) are not visible, however the other features are sufficient for a diagnosis of P. vivax.
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