Microbiology Poetry - HIV & TB - Double Trouble

June 4, 20090 comments

A Friend in Need

Dear friend HIV
I am Mycobacterium TB
Asking for a promise
For a life-long friendship
I cherish your companionship

I was in extreme grief
These evil homosapiens rife
Plotted and planned to end my life
With BCG, Rifampicin and a lot of media hype
Until you gave me a new lease of life

I don’t envy you being in the limelight
I’ve enjoyed it all thro’ till a few years back
Just allow me to anchor with you dear
Then watch those homosapiens tremble with fear
And toss and turn in sheer despair

Let’s chart out an integrated attack
To avenge my insult a few years back
While you play with the CD4 cult
I’ll help the lungs and kidneys get shut
And invite friends Cryptococcus and Herpes to do the rest

Homosapiens did welcome the new millennium with a BANG
Instead let in shame their heads hang
Coz if we work hand in hand
Not far off is our victory GRAND
For they will soon be extinct from this land!
- Dr. Reeta Mani
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