Answers for Medical microbiology Quiz - Oct09

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Find below the answers for the Medical Microbiology Quiz - Oct 2009 in green...

1. A toxin identical to diphtheria toxin is produced by many strains of ………..

a. P.aeruginosa b. Pr.mirabilis

c. Y.enterocolitica d. F.tularensis

2. New born infants may develop meningitis when infected with K1 antigen bearing strains of ….

a. E.coli b. Pr.vulgaris

c. S.marcescens d. K.pneumoniae

3. Pontiac fever is best diagnosed by ……..

a. culturing Legionella from blood samples

b. detecting Legionella antigen in urine

c. identifying rise in titre of antibody to Legionella in a convalescent serum sample

d. identifying rise in titre of antibody to Legionella during first week of infection

4. Lyme disease is usually acquired via bite of …….

a. larva of Ixodes tick b. nymph of Ixodes tick

c. adult of Ixodes tick d. adult of Dermacentor tick

5. The lack of tolerance of strict anaerobes to molecular oxygen is attributed to their ……

e. lack of cytochromes

f. lack of superoxide dismutase &/or catalase

g. lack of Kreb’s cycle

h. lack of peptidoglycan in cell wall

6. Cr.gattii is differentiated from other two varieties of Cr.neoformans by producing cobalt blue color colonies on …….

a. L-Canavanine Glycine Bromothymol Blue Agar

b. Creatinine Dextrose Bromothymol Blue Agar

c. Niger seed agar

d. Christensen’s urea agar

7. Rodents serve as human reservoir for infection in ……….

a. Interstitial pneumonia b. Cryptococcosis

c. Coccidioidomycosis d. Dermatophytosis

8. S.Typhimurium used as a carrier for ……… vaccination

a. Penicilliosis b. Pneumocystosis

c. Coccidioidomycosis d. Paracoccidiodomycosis

9. The fungus which have predilection to vasculature is ……..

a. Aspergillus b. Zygomycetes

c. Candida d. Penicillium

10 ……… produce red fluorescence on wood’s lamp examination

a. Corynebacterium minutissimum b. Microsporum

c. Trichophyton d. Malassezia furfur

Thanks to Ms. Shlyu, Mr. Harish Chander, Dr.Jaisri, Dr. Amuthaveni and Ms. Zaineb for their interest in paricipating in the Quiz... Ms. Zaineb is the top scorer (70%), followed by Mr. Harish (50%), Shylu (40%), Dr. Jaisri (30%) and Dr.Amuthaveni (10%).

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December 6, 2009 at 8:42 AM

congratulations all of you , especially to dr zaineb..
i will also try to participate along with you from next time onwards.....congr once again

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