What PhD stands for?

March 8, 20100 comments

For "Search", you have Google up the sleeve, for "Research" its up to you to spend odd hours at lab, stick your head into piled up literature and text books. Being neck deep into research hypotheses & so on could be tiring...

Take some time off and have your rib tickled with these acronyms for PhD...

* Patiently hoping for a Degree
* Piled higher and Deeper
* Professorship? hah! Dream on!
* Please hire. Desperate.
* Physiologically Deficient
* Pour him (or her) a Drink
* Philosophically Disturbed
* Probably headed for Divorce
* Probably heavily in Debt
* Parents have Doubts
* Professors had Doubts
* Pheromone Deprived
* Probably hard to Describe
* Patiently headed Downhill…
* Permanent head Damage
* Pulsating heaving Disaster?
* Potential heavy Drinker
* Professional hair Dresser
* Private house Detective
* Pizza hut Driver
* Pretty heavily Depressed
* Promised hell Down-the-road

* Pretty Heavy Diaper!
* Processed here, Dammit

Check out this site (Piled Higher & Deeper)  for hilarious PhD comic strips depicting life in Academia.

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