PBMC processing - A Complete Troubleshooting Guide

December 9, 20100 comments

For investigating the immunological responses to vaccines or immunotherapies or for understanding the mechanisms of immune system, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) are the important source of specimens. Usually the PBMCs are isolated from the whole blood by density gradient centrifugation method either by underlay or overlay method. Once isolated and cryopreserved appropriately, maintaining the health and viability of cells recovered post-cryopreservation are critical to accuracy of immunological assays performed on them.

Click here for an excellent presentation that addresses the following topics :
       IQA Proficiency Testing Program
       PBMC  Processing Methods
      Cell Counts
       Troubleshooting Processing Errors
      Common Clerical Errors
      Poor Technique For Thawing PBMC

Presentation by:Tania Garrelts/Duke University School of Medicine, IQA Center

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