Iodine - the panacea

February 15, 20110 comments

Antibiotics, even since invented, take all the pride of saving lives from almost any kind of bacterial infections and scientists never failed to discover new generations of antibiotics by slightly modifying the old generations whenever any bacterium tried taking over. Though the potent microbes still find ways to neutralize the antibiotics thereby gaining themselves the title of "super-bugs". It may take us to a world where no antibiotics are good enough to treat a bacterial infection. 

What happens next??? 
The question may look frightening but the answer looks simple… 
Going back to the 19th century where no antibiotics were available, it was all the chemicals show. 
Iodine, which is used to treat goiter may also act as a potent medicine for microbial infections. In many countries it is still in practice of treating infections with iodine. Every mother needs a bottle of nascent iodine to protect their children and it does not need any modifications in its chemical structure even after many centuries. Iodine is not only an antibiotic; it is also an antiviral and antiseptic substance. Moreover the mutability and diversity of microbial infections may force us to turn our sights towards iodine. No wonder if the old, much studied chemical iodine turns as the next big thing in the field of medicine

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