PowerPoint Lecture Presentations on Biochemistry, Cell Biology & Microbiology - Free Download

October 10, 20080 comments

Are you looking for interactive PowerPoint presentations.
Here is the link to an excellent site.

Microbiology: PPT slides avilable on history, taxonomy, growth, metabolism, genitics, immunity, infectious diseases, ect.,

Cell Biology: PPT slides avilable on Biochemical pathways, Cell division, Membranes & organals, DNA replication, Transcription, Translation, Enzymes, Prokaryotes - eukaryotes cell structure & functoin, ect.,


PROBLEM: 'Help! I get a 'BANDWIDTH EXCEEDED' message when I try to download a PowerPoint lecture!'

SOLUTION: If you try to download a PPT lecture and get that message, just try again later. You'll have the best luck downloading lectures during non-peak hours, such as very late at night or very early in the morning. Keep trying! The lectures are worth the effort!
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