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September 26, 20110 comments

Mark your calendar for the upcoming National level academic events organized by the Department of Biotechnology, AMET University, Chennai. 

1. National Level Seminar on Carbon Management in the Current Global Scenario -                        October 20, 2011. (This seminar is being organized in association with Lions Club International) 

The significance of carbon management in today's world cannot be overestimated; carbon is ubiquitous and its presence affects every part of life and every lifestyle. Recognition of the magnitude of  the problem posed by climate change resulting from rising levels of carbon dioxide has led to unprecedented international efforts to address the issue. However, many uncertainties and controversies about the cause and effect relationships between the natural carbon cycle and anthropogenic influences remain, and the urgent demand for effective mechanisms to mitigate and prevent further increases in greenhouse gas emissions is growing. In this context, our Department is planning to invite Subject Experts and young scientists in this research area to introduce and discuss this important phenomenon, carbon management. This would create the awareness among young students to SAVE OUR MOTHER EARTH.

Research on Bioactive metabolites has always been a fascinating field which utilizes the principles of Biology and Chemistry. Search of novel bioactive metabolites from various biological resources are essentially needed for the new drug discovery programs, development of useful bioproducts etc. Various metabolic groups such as alkaloids, flavanoids, saponins, terpenoids, phenolics, quinines and peptides were found to have various biological activities such as anti-microbial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antioxidant, antihelminthic, antiviral, wound healing, hepato-protective, hypoglycemic, cardiopretective etc.

A beginner in research field who is intended to take up natural product research has to have knowledge on the techniques such as extraction, purification and bioactivity evaluation. This workshop would provide a basic introduction to the drug discovery programs. The technical aspects of the workshop covers the broad area of techniques  related to bioactive me bioactive metabolites and their bioactivities. Marine bioresources are potential choices for the discovery of novel bioactive metabolites. Separate technical considerations are required to work with marine biological materials. This workshop would provide technical; training in working with marine and other terrestrial bioresources for the extraction of bioactive metabolites.         

For more details, please click on the event titles for detailed brochure or contact

Prof. Dr. A. Jaffar Hussain
Special Officer & Dean Life Sciences
AMET University
Kanathur, Chennai-603112
Mob: +91 9444065432/+91 9840529274
E.mail: ametmarinebiotech@gmail.com                              
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